Property & Casualty Insurance Program Specialists


Value Proposition to the MGA:

Providing general agents with access to new markets with varied risk appetites, and tremendous capacity.
Utilizing a fronting company and reinsurance markets offers many benefits:

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Other benefits and services Clear Blue provides its general agents include:

  1. Flexible Data Formats: We have the ability to accept most formats, data order, data segmentation, just so long as it includes all of the data fields and transactional detail we need.

  2. Access to ISO/ISO Net and other rating agencies: Our participation with ISO allows us to extend access to ISO and ISO Net resources to our agencies, generally at no cost. There are limits of course, especially for transactional services or other services outside of basic program service.

  3. Data Archiving and Reporting: Complete program extracts are available to our current clients at no charge. Custom formats, reports, and analysis are available as well.

  4. Due Diligence Packages: The due diligence information we collect and store on each program is available to our current clients for other purposes, such as courting a new market for expansion of a program or adding a new product set.

  5. Regulatory Research: We will research and provide opinion for our current clients on new product concepts, new US jurisdictions for an existing program, or change of structure for a program for no additional cost.

  6. Filings Research: We can assist in locating competitive filings for your agency to build new products, research competitor's offerings, or determine trends or recent activity.

  7. Market Introductions: For our new and current clients, we are happy to assist your broker with introductions to reinsurance markets we believe have appetite for the program. We can also provide introductions to companies that specialize in captive creation and management for agency risk sharing opportunities.

  8. Claims TPA Referrals: As needed, we are happy to recommend claims TPAs we have worked with and would be acceptable, generally.

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